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March 14, 2008

Dynamics of Web 2.0

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signup.jpgThe previous post was edited due to changes which occurred in using Learnerblogs (to a focus on Edublogs instead), and since that time further changes have occurred. It is now easier to add students to a blog, using the Gmail option, but directly within Edublogs. This is available on the Users/ Blog & User Creator tab.

So instead of jumping in and out of Edublogs and Gmail to create students as users, it is possible to add (they say) 15 students at a time. I haven’t personally tried this option but it seems a good one. Just be prepared for it to take a little while.

Keys to success, in adding students to Edublogs, include:

  1. planning ahead
  2. keeping good records (e.g. using Excel to record student names/ Gmail/ usernames/ passwords
  3. starting small (small reliable group of students or staff to get used to blogging as a group)
  4. enthusiasm and regularity in posting

If you are ready for the journey, then click on the image ‘sign up for free’ to go to Edublogs ready to sign up. At the Edublogs, there are also helpful 5 minute introductory videos to guide you along the way.


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