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February 23, 2009

The day the server went down…

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We expected the worst when we heard that the server room had been flooded at school. Thus all access to networked computers, the Internet, email and printing was impossible. What to do?

It seemed at every turn, the tasks we planned to do were unachievable. There was no access for students to log in and check their email, no access to their school files to print off that last minute assignment, and no access to that new web site that they had heard about on the weekend. (But of course they turned on the computers anyway!)

Teachers had been trying to get onto the school server all weekend to upload a few new files they had worked on at home, ready for the new school week. Emails hung somewhere in the ethernet, and messages lingered at a frustratingly short distance – to be released in a flood when things were back to normal, I guess.

So what were we able to do in our day at the library?

Firstly, studies had to rearranged – the dank musty conditions were not suited to staying all day in the library. Where do you send 127 seniors in the first periods of the day? And who will supervise them? And how do you explain to them – NO LIBRARY / NO COMPUTERS.

Staff was also evacuated – with several asthmatics amongst us, the conditions were not conducive to remaining all day in the library – thankfully, the Junior School  library space had been saved from the damage of the downpour.

However, none of this stopped the calls from teachers – wanting to use the library space for research and computer access (sorry, we are busy moving furniture; no sorry, I am giving more attention to mopping up soaks; no sorry, we don’t have computer access or internet either!) – but perhaps they were planning ahead – though I can’t see things back to normal for a while yet.

I give up – time to escape – I need to access the ‘Transforming School Libraries’ course. I’m done! I’m going home! At least the internet works there – till tonight’s storm (which might cut it out all together!) Glad I had a look when I first arrived home!



  1. Hi
    Sounds like your day was worse than mine – a workman drilled through a power and server cable in the street outside school so a strange calm descended on the place with no computers – kids started to get books out! Still, I was itching to get home and get back into the online conference, it is one of the most exciting ways that I have ever learnt anything and I just wish I had a bit more time to get my head round stuff before the ‘chat’ cuts off!

    Comment by Kate Garnett — February 24, 2009 @ 10:28 am | Reply

    • Of course, the power went off before I could add this post last night!

      And yes, I was actually looking forward to ‘getting the books out’ – except our floors were too wet to inhabit the library space at all. And I also confess I missed logging in and checking emails and other places myself!

      Comment by lindajay — February 24, 2009 @ 8:24 pm | Reply

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