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November 12, 2007

It’s Delicious!!

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delicious.jpgOne of the most popular Web 2.0 tools is It’s a web tool which provides:

  1. access to your bookmarks – anywhere, anytime, on any computer
  2. quick links for classes to use (I have entered previously selected sites for a teacher, 5 minutes before a lesson started)
  3. access to links others have found (by checking to see who is bookmarking similar sites to you
  4. professional research list (by finding those who have similar tags to your needs)
  5. tracking your browsing as you do it (easily tagged to as you browse)

How do you do it?

Begin at, and follow the sign up process. You need:

  1. an email address you can readily access to confirm and access details
  2. a computer you are able to download to (to download the buttons to the toolbar). Check with IT for admin rights for this step if it is not your personal computer.
  3. an internet conection, of course.

By following the steps given, you will end up registered with, with 2 new icons on your browser toolbar (if not check View/ Toolbars, and click the box).

Then you can start visiting your favourite pages and clicking on the tag icon to begin entering links to your pages. As your collection grows, you can collect like links in bundles to gain order.

Investigating the links which are popular (i.e. saved by other people), you can click on the pink bar and see what other people are collecting – you can see their pages. Privacy is easily enabled if you want to keep a favourite/ bookmark to yourself.

For more detail about what you can do with, see their simple outline page. Or read through the guide-to-delicious.pdf attached here, which outlines some of the main functions available.


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